Data Privacy

Columis collects the personal information needed to provide our services. Data collection is used to verify your identity, improve our services, and your secure presence on the platform. You can request access and obtain a copy of your personal information held by Columis. To be specific, you can request access to copies: name and surname, telephone number, address, e-mail, ID card data. Financial information includes bank account information and other payment information. A copy of the transaction history you have performed on the Columis platform is also available. Device, website, and cookie data are also collected. In addition, correspondence with our Help service is included. If you want to add or correct the information you provided, you can do so through your Columis account. If you request to remove some or all of the information that we collect for legal or verification purposes. You may not be able to use the services from our platform.

Account compromised

We take the utmost security measures to ensure your stay on the Columis platform, but you also need to take care of your devices and account. If your account is compromised and you no longer have access, contact Columis Support to temporarily terminate your account. It is very important to check your e-mail at this time because it is possible that hackers entered your Columis account via your email. If this happens, contact the Help Center to deactivate mail or change your password. Secure your bank account. Accounts associated with the Columis platform should be further verified. If your account is compromised, contact your bank. Be sure to include 2-step verification for your bank account. For any unauthorized transactions or unusual activities on the account, immediately contact our Help service which is at your service. If a third party has removed your funds from the Columis platform without your approval contact your local authorities. After investigation, you can re-access your account on the platform. It is very important that you protect your account properly. 2-step verification and a strong password can be helpful. Never reveal your password to anyone.

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