CO Pay

Columis is a platform that helps merchants around the world to receive payments in cryptocurrency in a safe, secure and instantly way.

CO Pay provides free transactions if your client has an account on the Columis platform!

  • Direct payments
  • No waiting for transaction processing
  • We offer companies and clients payment without GAS
  • Within the Columis platform we create a system that suits every business
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Try our CO Pay today and get acquainted with the financial system that provides freedom!

With the CO Pay system, we guarantee that cryptocurrencies are transferred from a wallet client to a wallet merchant in less than 2 seconds from payment. This system is designed to make your business easier and free you from additional costs. When the client pays for the service it is instantly transferred to the merchant’s wallet without GAS.

Another advantage is that there is no waiting - the transaction is instantaneous

Companies that use the CO Pay processor can modernize their business by introducing cryptocurrency payments. You are already one step ahead of the competition and you will be able to gain more customers who use this method of payment.

Customers are satisfied because payment is easy and has never been faster.

Unique system

Thanks to the unique system we have developed, all services are now combined in one place, and companies have found a way to upgrade their business. We are always one step ahead and already know that cryptocurrencies will be the no. 1 digital payment anywhere in the world!